Myanmar best Ruby from Mogok Stone track, so rare!


Myanmar best Ruby from Mogok Stone track, so rare!

Gems dealing square between the buildings in Bogoke Market start alive about 2:30pm. So many dealers, sitting on the market tea shop, that is coverless and has the short chairs only, some dealers standing on the marker street are looking and showing their gems each other to get the one days profit. These are every day process in gems market, long time.

But during last 15 to 20 years, the market of Myanmar gems had changed, the price of gems was also rising, especially the price of main gems as ruby, sapphire and jade were so high and beautiful semi-precious gems such as spinel and peridot were withal expensive. Every dealer wished to get the stones by cheap price. But it was the dream only, now.

Normally the best quality stones are not easy to get, even to see. In them, it is more difficult to see the good ruby. Although some dealers from home to abroad have good demand, no body can supply what they need. Even 2 to 3 carats sized, the best quality rubies are so rare now in market. If the man can buy a best quality, above 3 carats ruby, he will be a lucky man. 

In the past, all residents of Mogok could mine the gems officially and unofficially. They dug small shaft to hit the bed of gems, some miners used to blast the marble, the metamarphine limestone, in which primary rubies existed. Some miners entered the limestone caves to find the placer deposits. In that time we can buy more rubies and can see the best quality stone, sometime, Because of more resident miners, we could see more stones’. 

‘Now all gem mines are kept and controlled by the high boss and old military service group. So all stone are only in their hands and not easy to come out to the public gem market. That is one factor, why we can not seethe good ruby in market.” One dealer who bough and sold the gems

nearly 15 years in the market, said.

‘Another factor that is that, we mined the ruby, sapphire, and other gems last 700 years to present, some places we dug again and again, all grounds were not virgin. Some primary miners were very deep to continue blasting. Also we could not find the new location. It happened the gems rare and made the price high.” The geologist and gemmologist who was the government service last 10 years in Mogok, said.

Now the rich dealers are waiting to buy the best ruby, by handing the money, like a cat  to catch the rat and smelling the news of best and big sized Myanmar ruby, But it will be funny dream only in Myanmar.