個人資料 Personal Information

  • 個人資料必須與申請人的香港身份證或護照資料相同
  • Personal information must be the same as shown on the applicant’s HKID Card or Passport

學術資歷 Academic Qualifications

DGA Diploma (Gem-A)

Foundation (Gem-A)

FGA Diploma (Gem-A)

Graduate Diamond Diploma(GIA)


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請提供證明文件 All details provided herein must be supported by relevant documents. ONLY jpg, png, heic, pdf will be accepted.

註冊專業資格 Certified Professional Qualification

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請提供證明文件 All details provided herein must be supported by relevant documents. ONLY jpg, png, heic, pdf will be accepted.

工作經驗 Working Experience

會員費用 Membership fee

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Gemmologist Member
Professional Member
Expert Member
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One Year
2 年
Two Year



個人資料(私穩)政策聲明 Personal Data (Privacy ) Policy Statement

亞太珠寶鑑定師公會有限公司(下稱本公會)所收集的個人身份資料,均是由 閣下自願提供。除了根據以下條文規定,本公會不會泄露個別人士的資料,也不會將有關個人資料轉售或轉移至本公會以外。The personal information collected by the Asia Pacific Gemmologist Society ( hereinafter called "the Society") has been voluntarily provided by you. Except as provided by the following provisions, "the Society" will not divulge information about an individual's personal data, nor sell or transfer any personal information outside that of the Society.

個人資料(私穩)政策:亞太珠寶鑑定師公會依照香港個人私穩條例,確保員工在處理個人資料時會依循適當的保安及保密守則。Personal Data (Privacy) Policy: "The Society" complies with the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to ensure that their employees who handle personal data will follow appropriate security and confidentiality rules.

收集個人資料的使用:亞太珠寶鑑定師公會所收集的個人資料,在法律許可下,將用於會員申請、報名註冊、有關學術及行政通訊、公司事務聯絡、公司推廣及聯絡會員等之用途。 閣下提供的個人資料(包括姓名、聯絡電話、聯絡電郵、通訊地址及公司職業等) 作為與公司間的溝通渠道、通訊及推廣。本公會將透過信件、電子郵件和流動電話等通知 閣下有關本公會的最新資訊及推廣訊息,如講座及活動等。Personal data collected: Personal data collected by "the Society", where permitted by law, will be used for membership, registration, academic and administrative communications, "the Society" affair liaison, and "the Society promotional and member liaison purposes. Personal information provided by yourself (including name, contact telephone number, contact email, mailing address, name of your company, occupation etc.) will be used as a channel of communication between you and "the Society", and for communication and promotional purposes. "The Society", through letters, e-mail and mobile phone communications, will inform you about the latest information and promotional messages from the Society, such as lectures and activities.

修訂聲明:此項聲明內容將會定期更新,請定期查閱最新修訂內容。如本公會有原因相信披露個人資料是為識別、接觸或向一個可能觸犯一般使用條款,或因其活動可能引致本公會或其他使用者的權利或財產受損或干擾(無論蓄意與否)的人士提出法律行動,本公會保留披露其個人身份資料的權利。本公會保留審查、編輯或更改此政策的決定權並依法通知。本公會會採取適當措施以確保資料的安全。Amendment Statement: As the contents of this statement will be updated regularly, please periodically check for any revisions. If "the Society" has reason to believe that disclosure of personal information is necessary to identify or contact, or take legal action against a person who may have breached the general terms of use, or whose activities may have caused damage or interference to the rights or property of the Society or other users (whether intentional or not), "the Society" reserves the right to disclose personal identity data. The Society retains the right of decision to review, edit or change this policy and notify the same according to law. "The Society" will take appropriate measures to ensure the security of the personal data.

申請人聲明 Declaration

  1. 本人所提供的資料屬完整真確,並同意按照 APGS 之個人資料私穩政策用作有關用途。本人明白如提供虛假或誤導的資料,APGS 有權拒絕本人的入會申請,或獲確認的會藉亦可被取消,同時 APGS 有權依從法律途徑追究本人應付的法律責任。All information provided by me is complete, true and accurate and I agree that it can be used for the relevant purposes according to the personal data (privacy) policy of APGS. I understand that providing false or misleading information may result in rejection of my membership application or disqualification of my membership by APGS and at the same time, APGS has the right to investigate and prosecute my corresponding liability by legal means.
  2. 本人同意 APGS 可與有關公司或機構負責人聯絡,以核實本人提供的資歷及相關證明文件。 I agree that APGS may contact the officer-in-charge of the company(ies)/organization(s) concerned to verify the information about my qualifications and relevant credentials.
  3. 本人明白不可以直接或透過任何方式向 APGS 的職員或有關人仕,提供任何利益或款待,否則可能會觸犯法例,獲確認的會藉亦會被取消。I understand that I must not offer any benefits or hospitality to any staff member of APGS or relevant persons directly or by any means whatsoever; otherwise it may contravene the law and my membership will also be disqualified.
  4. 本人已細閱申請指引內的條文,並同意遵守所載的規定。I have read the provisions set out in the Application Guide and agree to abide by the regulations set out therein.
  5. 本人明白,已繳費用,概不退還,亦不可轉讓。I fully understand that all fees paid are non-refundable or non-transferable.

中英文本 : 如中英文本出現歧異,以英文本為準。
In case of discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.